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Garik Avanesian

Garik Avanesian was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1959. Since childhood he had a talent for visual imagination, which he was subsequently developing in an environment of a Baku photography school. Then came years of exile, caused by the cruel conflict between two nations - Armenians and Azerbaijanis, and also a limitation of creative work.

Between 1988-1992 he worked in Kazakhstan, in the early nineties in Moscow and since 1995 permanently in Prague, where he found an existential background and the necessary peace to return to his photographic work. Garik Avanesian has had numerous individual and group exhibitions around the world and also a lot of publishing activity. In 2012 he received the highest photographic title Master FIAP. Since 2005 is Garik Avanesian the chairman of the Czech Federation of Photographic Art.

Speaking of his famous series of 90 color and monochrome large format photographs, they were all captured during his travels in the past ten years; hence, we have the opportunity to see bits of hard life of war-scarred, but still proud Armenians and insight to dwellings of very interesting ethnic group, the Uzbek Roma - Muslims called Luli.

In the his photographs, we will visit the alpine pastures of Kyrgyzstan, where in the beautiful countryside around yurts are grazing herds of horses and see pictures from amazing Chinese region of Xinjiang, which is inhabited mostly by Uighurs, the land of the second largest desert in the world - Gobi, the Himalayan eight-thousanders and the seven thousand meters high peaks of the Tian Shan mountains. Finally, we will visit great and diverse India and Ban-gladesh, with its 158 million predominantly very hard-working people.


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